The Urban Leadership Academy is designed for ministers who wish to engage in a rigorous study of the Bible, Theology and Church History with a specialized focus on the urban context.  Ministers who have not previously studied these subjects in a formal education are invited to pursue this certificate program, gaining insight into the Word of God while engaging in dynamic dialogue with other clergy who are effectively engaged in urban ministry.

Ministers affiliated with American Baptist Churches have the opportunity to be considered for ABC Ordination upon completion of this Pastoral Leadership Program.    
This program is also designed for Sunday School teachers, deacons, elders and any church member who is interested in pursuing studies “beyond” the standard Bible Study or Sunday School curriculum.  It engages biblical and theological thoughts at a deeper level and is designed to lead the student to consider following such specialized ministries within the urban context as prison ministries, global and community transformational ministries, evangelism and community outreach.  For more information, click on "The Urban Leadership Academy" to see their website at