News from Ann and Bill Clemmer:

We are winding up the relief work that has provided assistance to  hundreds after the devastating volcanic eruption in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo) which destroyed thousands of homes and left tens of thousands homeless. Bill and I were humbled by the gifts that allowed us to buy food, clothing, household items, mattresses, wheelchairs, and even goats to replace items well as resettle over 50 families and provide counseling to those who have lost so much. Your prayers and your gifts touched our hearts and those whom we serve. We’ve put together a short video (attached) to show a small portion of the large outpouring of love and concern that was received.

Now we’re moving on to other needs. Bill left for Yemen two days ago as part of a relief effort under Lutheran World Relief to bring emergency health and food relief to the tens of thousands displaced by the ongoing civil war. The UN estimites that over 400,000 children may die of starvation in Yemen just this year, a figure that is hard to grasp.  We ask for your prayers that he will be enabled and guided in his work. He’ll be returning to Goma in early November. We’re in contact daily.

Here in Goma most of my responsibilities with HEAL Africa are with Sunday School, the education and counseling program and women’s ministries.  As our building is next to a 200-bed teaching hospital (HEAL Africa Hospital) I sometimes have patients from the hospital or those with medical needs come to my door. In the past few years we have had the occasion to help children with eye problems… glaucoma, severe injury, and retinal blastoma. The other day one of the doctors at HEAL Africa came and asked for help finding treatment for a particular type of cancer not available here in the Congo. A family with 6 children needed to go to Kigali to see an eye specialist for suspected Retinal Blastoma. Three of the family’s 6 children (8 years three years and seven months) have just been diagnosed with early stages of the disease. They needed help to get to Kigali Rwanda for treatment. Thanks to generosity of many, we have funds to allow us to respond to needs such as these!

They are on their way today. You might pray for the Olivier family. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for these parents. 

But God’s hand is in it, may He be glorified!
Ann and Bill Clemmer                                 International Ministries