The State Advisory Committee on Ordination recognizes three alternative tracks to ordination based on the “Recommended Procedures for Ordination, Commissioning and Recognition for the Christian Ministry in the American Baptist Churches,” adopted by The Ministerial Leadership Commission and The Ministers Council, American Baptist Churches USA.
Educational and Experience Requirements are:


Four years of college and three years of seminary with the M.Div. degree or its equivalent from a North American seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.  In those cases where seminary education takes place in other than North American seminary settings, refer to Track II or III.


The “equivalent” alternative to the educational requirements of Track I may mean an experience equivalent verified by the State Advisory Committee on Ordination as provided herein, or it may also mean another educational sequence (e.g., Ph.D. in religion) which may be approved by the State Advisory Committee.

Experience on the basis of two years of satisfactory pastoral experience for every one year of academic preparation not to exceed six (6) years, the equivalent of three years of higher education.  This must have been acceptable professional experience on a full-time basis (20 hours per week or more) and involve continuing education.


This includes sponsorship by an American Baptist congregation, and:

1.    Satisfactory completion of seminary or comparable equivalent for ordination in another country, or
2.    Satisfactory completion of a lay pastor program from a U.S. seminary or an ABC region, plus three years of additional acceptable ministerial experience, subsequent to completion of the program, or
3.    Completion of at least seven years of appropriate pastoral experience acceptable to the State Advisory Committee as a pastor/lay minister of a church with at least three of those years in the region of the ordaining church.

Detailed evidence of appropriate ministerial experience must be submitted to the State Advisory Committee at least six weeks prior to the meeting which the candidate plans to attend.  (Send to Adjunct Staff Person).

In addition to the educational requirements above, candidates must meet the other requirements listed in the document “The Process of Ordination of the American Baptist Churches of Ohio” available from the Adjunct Staff person of the State Advisory Committee on Ordination.