Ohio Baptist Education Society is provides financial assistance to prepare American Baptist professional church leaders for tomorrow.

These students from our ABC/Ohio churches are benefitting financially with grants from the Ohio Baptist Education Society as they continue their professional education.

Salome Palmer
Kenwood Baptist Church Cinicinatti
Gordon College, Wenham, MA

Here is a brief little update on what God is doing in Salome Palmer's life:

I am now finishing up my final year here at Gordon and really loving it. I will be graduating with three majors and two honors recognitions. My friends here are an absolute treasure, godly women who are passionate about serving Christ with their whole lives. 

I have been seriously considering going to graduate school, just not quite sure which path to take. I love absolutely everything and want to take some time to discern which route to go.

This past year I developed and was named Director for a pilot summer program for high school students, Heritage: Cultivate your Classical Roots. I am now working on launching the program for next summer.

Last but not least, I have a very exciting opportunity to share with all my friends at OBES! Gordon has offered me a full-time position next year to serve as the Director for Ministry and Missions. As such, I will be planning and overseeing student-led discipleship groups and training missions teams to travel around the globe (provided this pandemic will be under control in the next year) as partners with God's global church.

I am so thankful to you all for your prayers and support. I feel God's blessing upon me in this season of so much uncertainty. As for specific prayer requests, discernment and discipleship are two topics on my heart.

Classes are going very well; my favorite ones are Redemptive Theology and Eschatology and Shakespeare.

Thank you again for your generosity towards me and faithfulness to lift me up before the Lord in prayer.

Kevin Crum
New Home Baptist Church, Youngstown
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Since the fall semester has begun, Kevin has been very busy with his classes as well as his Church Family experiencing 2 deaths of members.  Kevin expresses his deep appreciation as he says "Thank you for your awesome support. Words cannot describe how blessed I am to be thought of for this scholarship. It is humbling!"

Susan Nicholson
Trinity Baptist Church, North Canton
Ashland Theological Seminary

In mid-October, Susan reports "School is going pretty well. We are meeting face to face every other week and by Zoom on opposite weeks. I am taking Intro to Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and doing a Field Study. I could use some prayer for Hebrew. My old brain is struggling."

Richard Eaton
Vanderhoof Baptist Church, Coolville
Palmer Theological Seminary

How do you minister to people who are not attending church during a health crisis? I don't know but am working on it. It didn't help that I had arrived just a few months before it all happened (November 2019). I am loving my posting at Vanderhoof Baptist Church and feel as though God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. I think they and I are uniquely fitting together.

On a personal note, my wife had a heart attack a few weeks ago. She is doing well considering. One of the arteries feeding her heart was nearly 100% plugged. They resolved the issue with stints. She is approaching it positively, listening to the doctors, working on her diet as well as going to physical therapy.

Seminary is going well, I am busy but keeping up. So far I have obtained an A on all material graded and turned in. Each of the classes touch on something I can use directly at my ministry at Vanderhoof. It is interesting how different a seminary is compared to my Bachelors degree. With the Bachelors it was hard for me to find a direct connection between what I was learning and how it was going to help my future (though I must admit, over time I have seen the value of my Bachelors). The three classes I am currently in are titled, Nuts and Bolts of Ministry, Foundation of Pastoral Care and Theological Field Supervision. 

During the class face to face time in Nuts and Bolts, the instructor asked a lot of questions which led us to think through what we were doing in ministry and why. He asked us to write out a personal vision which we shared in class. It was enlightening and something I wish I had done years ago.

I wrote in class: "I exist to teach the word of God so that others may live out the principles of God as they understand them and know him as their God."

In Foundations of Pastoral Care we are reading a book on ministering to Step-Families. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I have a step-brother and step-sister. Even though I have a step-family, this book is causing me to think about how we treat these families in our churches.

In Theological Field Supervision I am required to find a team at church as well as a mentor who will work with me. I will be meeting periodically with them and seeking advice on what they see and hear me do. This is something that I love doing but do
n't know that I could have pulled this off without having the push of the class to make it happen. This class covers both the fall and spring semesters. Both the mentor and team are required to write up an appraisal of my work at the end of each semester. Which reminds me, I need to give them both a list of some goals I have for the year - which is part of what they will be watching.

God Bless

Catherine “Kit” Ripley
Kenwood Baptist Church, Cincinnati
Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Kit tells us how her fall is going with this report:
I am doing well.  My classes this term are outstanding!  I'm taking ethics and art therapy for survivors of trauma.  Right up my alley.  

Pandemic restrictions in Thailand still have not lifted.  I had hoped to return in mid-November, but it's not looking too good.  Qatar Airways just sent an email that they have cancelled my flight and suspended all service to Thailand indefinitely.  So I can't even use the ticket for any other date!  Very frustrating.  This is all in the Lord's hands and I'm trusting him for each day.  In the meantime, I'm focusing on my classes, keeping up with correspondence, and working on addressing my health issues.  

I look forward to taking my camera out and capturing some of the colorful foliage.  I went for a walk at a local park called Sharon Woods over the weekend in hopes of getting some shots, but the trees have not peaked quite yet.  Autumn is my favorite season and I am rarely here to enjoy it.  The seasons in Thailand are: hot and wet, hot and dry, even hotter, and smog season.  Some of the leaves turn yellow and drop during dry season, but it doesn't really compare to fall in the US.  

Please give the OBES Trustees my best.