Get ready for the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Women's Conference with the theme "POWER OF LIGHT ~ LIVING FROM THE SPIRIT" at Linden Avenue Baptist Church (101 Linden Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45043) March 15-17, 2018. REGISTER HERE NOW!

Let God’s light shine in as you experience an infusion of hope, joy, and victorious mindsets. Get set free from your past and empowered for your future. Be healed as expert panelists tackle tough women’s issues & minister healing. Expect to Gain Hope, Joy and Freedom in Your Life! Enjoy great guest speakers and worship:
Meet Wendy Backlund
It's a privilege to sit under Wendy Backlund's teaching, speaker and author from Redding, California. Wendy and her husband Steve are part of the ministries of internationally-known Bethel Church, led by Pastor Bill Johnson. Their personal ministry is called Igniting Hope Ministries and their message does just that. Wendy encourages and empowers Christians in revival culture and victorious mindsets, and her experiences with God's love, his Word and the Holy Spirit have transformed her life and will impart breakthrough to you too. Get ready for a joy infusion and many ah-ha moments as you listen to Wendy. 
Meet the Women's Issues Experts 
Julie Weyandt, founder and director of Beauty for Ashes Ministry, is a gifted clinical counselor. She is also a presenter at seminars and workshops, and an author who has developed recovery group curriculum for adult survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. She will bring her Godly and professional expertise as we explore sensitive women's issues of abortion and post abortion trauma.  
Aurora Newton, Prayer and Encounter Pastor at Dayton Vineyard  is also founder & CEO of Assert Now, Inc. She is currently finishing her doctoral program in organizational psychology. She is an advocate who is passionate about the safety and well-being of children, teens, and women. Her vast experiences have equipped her to empower others, especially those who are vulnerable or at risk. 
A Full Experience!
Enter into God's Presence with singing, and into His courts with praise, as we are led in worship by Olivia Sandlin.  There will a Pamper Time and space for fun, food and fellowship!