The Ohio Baptist Education Society is an independent, not for profit, corporation. Its roots go back to the Baptist pioneers of Ohio, and to dedicated men and women who have served through the years to keep their dream a reality. This small devoted Society has served the churches of Ohio, the nation, and mission fields around the world. Scores of prominent denominational and professional church leaders have been rewarded by the courage and foresight of these pioneers.

The Ohio Baptist Education Society is the oldest, continuous education movement among Ohio Baptists. It’s history is the story of fifteen years of dedication and struggle to form a Society “to establish a school for the education of individuals of the Baptist Denomination, who are approved by the churches of which they may be members, and who have been examined and approved by this society as suitable candidates for the gospel ministry.”

2011-2012 Scholarship Students

The Ohio Baptist Education Society provides financial assistance to prepare American Baptist professional church leaders for tomorrow.  These students from the ABC Ohio churches are benefiting financially with grants from the OBES as they continue their professional education.

Tim Curtiss
Tim Curtiss
Diamond Hills
Ashland Theological Seminary
Charity Clancy
New Salem
  Ashland Seminary
Sam Chesser
First Baptist
United Methodist Seminary
Natalie Richmond
New Salem
Ashland Seminary

Rev. Mark Click
Region Minister
ABC Ohio
Northern Baptist Seminary

Fred Anderson
Mt Washington
Grand Rapids Seminary

Kenwood Baptist
Gordon Conwell Seminary

Micah Thomas
Diamond Hills Baptist
Malone University


Ohio Baptist Education Society Scholarships

The OBES exists to provide financial Assistance in the way of scholarships to prepare American Baptist Professional Ministers for tomorrow. There are Four Scholarship funds available to apply for per Calendar year:

The Ohio Baptist Education Society Scholarship - Established in 1831
The Faye and Robert Lett (African-American) Scholarship – Established in 1990
The Rev. Dr. Ralph And Joyce Lamb Memorial Scholarship – Established in 2002
The Rev. Robert E. And Gladys Ernst Scholarship – Established in 2007 (see below for more information)

Applications must be received by April 1st for consideration of a Scholarship for the upcoming academic year. Scholarships are awarded in July. 

About Rev. Robert and Gladys Ernst

Rev. Robert E. Ernst, an Ohio native, was born in Madison in 1919. He began his ministerial career in 1941 as an American Sunday School Union missionary based in Chillicothe and serving six counties. He met Mrs. Ernst while both were attending the Practical Bible Training School (presently Davis College) in Johnson City, New York. After graduation, they married in 1942 and commenced their lifetime of service by continuing the missionary work in Chillicothe until 1945.

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Ernst Scholarship

The Ohio Baptist Educational Society (OBES) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Rev. Robert E. and Gladys G. Ernst Scholarship (Ernst Scholarship). The Ernst Scholarship will be endowed by the family and friends of Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. Ernst in honor of their fifty-plus years of service to Baptist churches throughout Ohio.

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